Where we work

We’re based primarily in Hertfordshire and London, but we’re more than happy to travel around the UK (or the world!). 

We love a good road trip, so we’re happy to come along and capture your day no matter where your venue is.

How we work

Because you get two of us, we work hard to capture everything. Whilst one of us is photographing the intimate moments and vows from the front of the ceremony, the other will be capturing the scenery and reactions from the back.

We ensure we take both stunning candid images as well as lightly posed ones, so you get the best of both worlds. One of us will spend time with the groom and the other with the bride, and together we’ll snap group shots with ease, efficiency and speed.

Every wedding is unique, and we pride ourselves on shooting all the raw emotion, authentic connections, and the beautiful intricate details that make your day your own.

We’re big on capturing a story

We love creating documentary-style photography, which means: 

- Snapping all the small details that tell a story. 

- Shooting authentic emotions and natural reactions. 

- Capturing laughter, tears and the moments you might not get to see. 

- Being part of your day from start to finish, right from the getting-ready nervous butterflies to the drunk uncle on the dance floor at the end of the night. 

Ready to take the first steps? Get in touch with us to chat about the details of your day.