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Hello! That's me (Emma) at my pretty awesome festival themed wedding in 2014!

I also have two lovely little people in my life.

When I'm not photographing lovely people i'm generally having a good time with family, jumping on beds with my little ones or sitting in pub gardens with friends.  I'm laid-back, I LOVE what I do, and have a huge passion for life!  

No me and Sam aren't a couple (before you ask!), but we are pretty awesome friends and shoot beautiful weddings together!

And that's me Sam!

I love to make people laugh (even though some of my jokes only make me laugh!).  I enjoy working hard to tell the best story of the day, and if there's a cold beer at the end then even better!

We both love photography, love creating beautiful images and love capturing stories... get in touch to have a chat, we'd love to hear all about your plans.

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